Shares and ownership structure

NIS is a company with the largest market capitalization on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

NIS’ share capital amounts to 81,530,200,000.00 dinars and it is divided into 163,060,400 shares with face value of 500.00 dinars.

List of shareholders as of 31 December 2018

Business name / Name and surnameNumber of shares
and number of votes 
% in share
1. PJSC Gazprom Neft91,565,88756.15%
2. Republic of Serbia48,712,09429.87%
3. Societe Generale Bank Srbija a.d. – Custodian Account-FO1,675,6011.03%
4. Societe Generale Bank Srbija a.d. – Custodian Account-FO613,8290.38%
5. Global Macro Capital Oportunities371,8540.23%
6. Kompanija Dunav osiguranje a.d.o. Beograd276,7340.17%
7. Aktiv-Fond d.o.o.236,3300.14%
8. Convest a.d. Novi Sad - Omnibus Account231,3910.14%
9. AWLL Communications d.o.o. Beograd227,3520.14%
10. Erste bank a.d. - Custodian Account-KS188,6810.12%
Other shareholders18,960,64711.63%
Total number of shareholders as of 31 December 20182,088,471

Information about shareholders of NIS on this page is updated at the end of each quarter. Current statistical overview of ownership of NIS is available on the web page of Central Securities Depository and Clearing House.

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